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How many times have you been late to work because of heavy traffic or road construction? Have you ever heard of a new place near you that sounds too good to be true and you wonder why you never knew about it? Maybe you want to get the kids out but want to get somewhere different than the usual spot?

As a working dad, I understand the feelings of other working dads who want to save time on travel and be home just a little bit faster. As an involved dad, I hear the cries of those other dads who love out and about time with the kids but are tired of the same old spot. ¬†As a GPS company, TeleNav understands the cries of the every dad, and they get it. The more I get to use the TeleNav GPS Plus and AT&T Navigator, the more I can see why. People have been asking “so why the reach out to dads and not the usual pitch to mom bloggers”. I have that answer for those who have asked.

TeleNav sees that the modern dad is not the dad of the past. They know that dads today are more involved in their children’s lives. They know that the online community of dads is a community of dads who care, who are taking on new roles in parenting, and in a lot of instances, switching roles with mom. TeleNav also sees the difference in how Moms and Dads perceive needs for their parental roles and is reaching out to understand that difference better.

Throughout this campaign I will be writing about the everyday functionality of TeleNav GPS Plus and AT&T Navigator. From traffic updates and re-routing to avoid delays, to the search function used to find new places to go with the family, TeleNav knows what a dad is looking for. Less hassle, easy to use, quick and to the point. Leaving much more time to worry about the important things like packing enough diapers, remembering the pacifier, and bringing enough car-friendly toys for however long you wi be on the road.

I have been using mostly the AT&T Navigator available on the iPhone 4 and already, in just a few short drives, I know that I will terribly miss this app when the phone is no longer here. I will be posting about each of the apps separately in a week or so and providing my opinions, good and bad, about them both.

In the meantime you can check out the TeleNav products page to learn about the different apps available for a wide range of mobile devices. Check out what is new on the TeleNav Blog and follow along on Twitter and Facebook for updates, tips, and some fun contests to come!

Disclosure: I am honored to be teaming up with TeleNav as part of the Navigator in Chief Dad Bloggers Panel. While compensation has been provided for my time and participation, all opinions written here are mine all mine. No burnt sienna about it, I will always be 100% honest.

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John Taylor

JohnTaylor is the proud dad to two wonderful kids: Little Man(5) and Little Girl(3), and also the honored husband to The Wifey who has been gracious enough to tolerate me for 8 years and counting. This adventure into dadhood started back in 2007. Since then, no turning back. I am along for the ride, and learning every moment of it.

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