NHL and the Poultry Based Curse

While the rest of the world watches a young wizard battle against a dark lord who tosses about curses such as Avada Kedavra, Crucio, and Imperio, we’ll be dealing with some curses of our own from NHL.  No, NHL’s not trying to hit us with the killing curse.  He’s tossing chickens around instead.

Apparently, a few weeks back, NHL was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Channel.  During the episode, Goofy asked Mickey, “Guess what?”  Mickey said “What?” to which Goofy replied “Chicken Butt!”  That’s all NHL needed.  We began hearing “chicken butt” over and over again.

After a few warnings, NHL stopped.  He didn’t say “chicken butt” anymore.  Instead, he just said “chicken.”  Yes, he technically wasn’t using potty talk.  But still, we felt that we couldn’t let him skirt the system like this.

I’ve got to admit that I’ve been dreading this moment for awhile now.  You see, I’m a bit of a freak in that I don’t curse.  Ever.  Ok, there was that one time while my friend was driving and I tried to get a reaction out of him by saying the worst curse I knew.  (Hint: It rhymes with bundt.)  Fun fact: Hearing someone who never curses say that word at a random moment is liable to make a person almost veer off the road.

Anyway, it’s true.  I don’t curse.  When I get angry, I might grumble a bit, but I don’t let out any obscenities.  No f–k, s—t or b—h for me.  Not even a d–n.  The closest I might come is echoing a curse that was used on Farscape: frell.  Frell was Farscape’s way of both coming up with an alien obscenity and of skirting around actually using curses.  I use it to similar effect but mostly under my breath.  (Man, I’m geeky even in my non-cursing cursing.)

B, on the other hand, grew up watching hockey games.  And not just watching, but attending them.  Right behind the bench.  Hockey players don’t exactly have clean vocabularies.  In fact, apparently they let loose some verbiage that would make sailors blush.  She learned quite a few phrases (in some different languages).  As a teacher, she had to suppress her natural inclination towards colorful language.  Saying a–h–e to a student is a good way to get fired.  At home, however, with the boys stressing her out constantly, it becomes very easy to slip.

In addition to B’s occasional slip-ups, NHL hears colorful language from kids in school.  It’s inevitable that he’ll come home and let loose with an f-bomb, an s-word or some other major obscenity.  I guess I should treasure these moments when “chicken butt” is the worst he can come up with.

Still, he’ll get in trouble if he says it again.

I said I’d treasure it, not tolerate it!

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