A Tall Order

I had one of those nice dad moments the other day while I was driving my son Lukas home from preschool.  Although most often during these drives I have the radio or CD player turned off so I can talk about the day with him, that afternoon I decided I was in the mood to listen to some music.

Now, when he was young, I had no problem choosing any number of my favorite bands to listen to while Lukas was in the room.  I tend to listen to a lot of Blues, folk, and Rock.  Basically, I had no problem because he didn’t really understand the lyrics back then.  But more recently Mrs. LIAYF and I have opted to play a lot of kid tunes when he is listening because now that he can pick up the lyrics in a song, he finds many of those kid releases funny or catchy. 

One such CD is a Sandra Boynton collection of goofy songs.  I know, I know.  But even I will admit many of those songs are catchy and kinda funny.  Even to a grown man.  So, as a result we had been listening to that collection a lot of late and it certainly was growing a bit tired for me.

But back to the car.  Wanting to listen to some music, I had opened up the glove box and my ‘The Tallest Man on Earth’ disc was sitting in there, so I popped it in for a change of pace.  The first song was ‘The Wild Hunt’ which I really enjoy:


My son, who was distracted, stopped and listened intently for at least a minute before he spoke.

“Wow, I like this Daddy. It’s good music.  Who sings it?” he asked.

“The Tallest Man on Earth” I responded

“The Tallest Man on Earth? Does his head reach the clouds?”

“No.  That’s just his singing name.  I’m not sure how tall he really is.”

“Where’s he from?”

“Sweden, I think.”

“Well, we should go there someday.” he responded.

I agreed that we should.  (We could visit the old country)

And I thought to myself that despite all the goofy kid tunes, I needn’t worry.  He has inherited good musical taste.

Happy Father’s Day to all you fellow Revolutionary Dads out there.

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