Father’s Day shouldn’t be Dads and Grads

By now you’ve heard the hype of Dad and Grads gifts – STAB me in my eyes and ears – there is little similar of a dad and a grad other then the fact that they could both be male.

When I was a grad I didn’t care anything about the items I care about today with the exception of technology… Even then its a terrible pitch to bloggers, to shoppers, to place in ads… Dads and Grads – we’re far from one and the same.  Sure I still watch Cartoon Network in my boxers like I did when in college but sitting next to me is a two year old laughing his butt off at spongebob (in college is was a heavy set guy called weedy – clearly he was high while laughing).

I want memories – I want photos – I know others that want Days off… how is that similar to a college or high school grad? they want family photos? ha. no they want to travel, drink, ect… they want to be kids.

My short little message to PR, Marketers and all those folks thinking that a Dads and Grads campaign is the way to go – understand you insult everyone – cause I bet if you ask a 20 year old they have no desire to receive the same gift mom is getting their dad.

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