Son’s and tempers

Sigh...not again – Pic isn’t my child but it gets the idea across

I’ve brought up two daughters to the ages of 4 and 7. Its been difficult and we’ve had our difficulties and fights. I’ve made them mad and I’ve frustrated them but in the end I’m their daddy and they love me and can not stay mad for long. I also have  son. He is 15 months and there is some very real very strange difference. He doesn’t really ever get mad at his mommy but when I make him do something like get dressed when he doesn’t want to he gets  livid.

At 15 months he is able to through all out temper tantrums when he is mad. The other day I brought him something he didn’t want to eat and he threw all his food on the floor. When I tried to get him dressed the other night and didn’t let him run away he got so mad that it actually took mommy to calm him down. I swear I don’t think I treat him any differently than I treat my girls with the exception that he doesn’t respond to disappointment in my voice.

I’m not worried about what to do or anything like that as I figure this stuff works itself out over time but I’m certainly not above taking suggestions if dad has been through this already with their own son.

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