Standing Pee

There are few moments in a fathers life when he’s truly proud… One of these moments is the ability to say what I’m saying is that my baby boy Pees standing up.  It truly is a guy thing. I know its one of the crowning moments that a Dad with daughters only will never get to experience. For that I’m sorry but for me its the highlight of the month, of the year so far. On the serious side potty training isnt easy, its constently asking do you need to go potty, trying to teach him its not ok to go in the diaper.  We’ve been given tons of advice, some of which just made me laugh out loud… just let him go naked for 3-4 days; they dont like peeing themselves… sure you’ll pick up some doodie off the floor… My response was like a look of puzzlement and maybe horror.   My wife’s been reading a few “experts” online and really wants to introduce where the poop goes after he does it in the diaper and draw that link. To which I also laugh at – after she got angry that I wasn’t doing it and showing him the poop from his diaper goes down the toilet and I did it. Of course in the handling of not touching said poop it landed on the bathroom floor. LOL Her face was priceless… of course I was the one with bleach spray cleaning up but that’s not the point.  My point is this everyone has their own way of training and you’ve gotta make it work for your kid and make it feel right for you and your family. I’m not showing him where the poop goes anymore – really the first goal is dry diapers and only peeing in the potty we’ll get to the pooping in the potty soon enough!

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  1. I tried having standing on the edge of the toilet as I held him today.  It was just about when I thought he’d need to pee.  (At least yesterday he peed at this time after a diaper change, all over our suitcase).  My wife was not happy to see him standing on the seat with his dirty feet where she has to sit.  Then I was the one who wasn’t too happy when his foot slipped into the toilet.   Time for a shower!

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