Being more then just a DAD

As of late I’ve been so consumed with my own life I havent been a good friend to many and really a little bit of a bad son.  My Father and I have had a great relationship – yes, my dad was one of those pushy – get yourself a job type Dads. I know that it was all just the concept of unsugar coating life – work equals money, nothing is given freely in this life.  The points in my life where my Dad was truly just in father mode – pushing for education, pushing for success in sports, working on developing me as a better person then him were the same points at which we strained to have a friendship.

Because of my parents divorce those periods of time became or seem to become longer as he had less daily interaction with us but was there weekly. That role shifted from friend/father to disciplinary more and more… it wasnt until I finished my first semester of high school did it go back to the amazing friendship, maybe because he know I was all accepted into college and I was going to have to be more independent there as well.

Since that point we’ve been best friends more then just a Dad encouraging or directing or giving advice but true friends. Sure every now and again he needs to step into the role of Dad but no matter what I’m still his child and I get that but I’d much rather have him as a friend – he’s easier to talk to, understand the problems of juggling work/life, seems to understand how things are different being a father a generation later.

Most importantly he’s always been there for me… no matter the role! This post reminds me to give him a call and say thank you…. because – well just because!

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