DADvocate Project

We typically don’t promote our own sites here on Dad Revolution and I’m not about to send you off this site to go visit mine. I am however going to tell you about the DADvocate Project, embed the survey and ask our readers that haven’t yet taken the survery to jump on board and take it.

The objective of The DADvocate Project is to better understand today’s dads and help push media to represent dads in the positive light they should be shown in. I decided the project should include a survey that looks at how dads spend their time and effort related to life and their children, a series of interviews talking about how each man relates to his role as a husband, father and provider. The final step in this adventure will be to write a book on today’s dads. As I mention above the first step is the survey. I’m trying to get 1000, dads to complete the survey and I have no budget to do that so I’ve been using social media to get the word out. To date we have had over 345 dads complete the entire survey.

Last month I presented on my early findings at the M3 Summit. If your interested in the info checkout my presentation below:

And here is the survey:

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