Friendship Fears: Out From Under My Wings

Two weeks ago, my son started his first year at preschool. I was so proud of him. Walking off from the apartment, stepping into a new adventure in life with a gigantic smile and open arms. His winning personality and welcoming aura precedes him as he walks off into unknown territory. I was sad I could not be there on his very first day but the duty of being the provider called, and work had to be done.

Since then I have been home several mornings to watch him walk down to school. The preschool Caleb goes to is just down the sidewalk from my apartment. He doesn’t like us taking him down anymore, he would rather walk down with the rest of his new found friends. My little man is growing up so fast, and it is happening right in front of my eyes everyday. He is stepping up, becoming more of an independent being, and forever changing with an amazement that captivates me at the core of my heart.

However, with the pride I have in my growing little man, there were some fears, no doubt. Until he started preschool, Caleb did not have much play time with other kids. A few play dates, but never time away from mommy and daddy, with more than 3 kids around. I had sometimes wondered if we had messed up somewhere along the way. Perhaps having him by our sides all the time had somehow disabled the abilities to interact well and know how to respond to the strange new world, and new people around him.

Then just today, I had the pleasure of watching him on the playground. I watched as he rode on a tricycle that was 4 sizes too big for him (considering he is small for his age it was quite the hilarious sight), watched as him and another little boy played on the swing set and slide, and I stood in awe. All my fears had been laid to rest about how he would interact with new people. I watched as that welcoming aura, winning personality, and that gigantic grin, catapulted him to “best friend” status with a child he had never met until starting school.

The wonderment of the human development, the ability to adapt and move forward, it is truly a sight to behold. Standing in awe of my son. The first of the brood moving on to bigger and better things. This little guy is not scared of anything, so why should Dad be? I believe it is just part of being “Daddy”. Fears come, and fears go, and in the end, all is well.

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John Taylor

JohnTaylor is the proud dad to two wonderful kids: Little Man(5) and Little Girl(3), and also the honored husband to The Wifey who has been gracious enough to tolerate me for 8 years and counting. This adventure into dadhood started back in 2007. Since then, no turning back. I am along for the ride, and learning every moment of it.

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