What if the Hokey Pokey Really is What it’s All About?

The Doodle my second child is now in the three years old.  She is a sweet funny girl, who loves to laugh, dance, play and quite honestly strip. Luckily that is only in the house but it can some times get out of hand:

At the beginning of the summer The Doodle was upstairs getting ready for a bath and I was sitting in our den talking to my brother-in-law. She comes bouncing into the room naked and proceeds to do the hokey-pokey. She starts singing and does her legs, her arm’ and her head. I’m telling her the whole time to go back up stairs but she is giggling so much I’m not very serious. Then she pauses and smiles and then says I put my tushy in,  put  my tushy out etc. you get the idea. Then she stops again and is sitting there and you can see the wheels turning and it hit’s me what she is about to do.

I scream “Nooo!” but it’s too late. “I put my vagina in, I take my vagina out….”

My brother-in-law is on the floor he is laughing so hard at the scene and The Doodle says “What dad? Why did you say no?” Oh boy am I in trouble.

Happy Labor Day.

Kevin Metzger is the 2009 East Cobber Father of the year. He writes at MySpellingsucks.com, TheDADvocateProject.com and DadoMatic.com as well as here are DadRevolution. Kevin’s The DADvocate Project is the largest independently conducted survey of dad’s ever conducted. It concentrates on looking at how dads interact within their families and communities and is trying to highlight how Dads are not the  morons portrayed on TV. To participate in the survey please click here.

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