Cutting Through the Cute

My precious daughter has me wrapped so tight around her finger that it is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, cut off the circulation, makes your fingernail turn a funky purple/blue color before just dropping off like a melting icecicle. I’ve heard it said very often that most little girls become daddy’s girls. And that dads are just powerless against the awe that comes to them when becoming the dad of a daughter. I know, it’s such a sweet sentiment to adore my daughter so much that I have gone to work with painted toenails (pink and green) because we had to paint daddy’s toes that morning.

But there is an awful paradox to being so smitten by cuteness, beauty, and love. The same, sweet little daughter of mine, is also an independent, outspoken, and sometimes self-minded little diva. By this I mean she is bossy, she is pushy, and she knows exactly where the limit is, and pushes it to the limit, but never crosses the line. When the going gets tough, she meets opposition head on, never backing off, and always knowing which weapon to use. And this, of course, involves the most powerful weapon nicknamed “The Cute”.

Now, The Cute is a weapon of secretive complexity, and the capability to be adapted for use in any situation. Whether it is too avoid due punishment, or to win over the 7th cookie that the child should not be having, The Cute is extremely effective. LG has mastered the training and proper use of this weapon to a point that all of my intense ninja/knight/samurai defensive maneuvers are useless against it. From the crouching tiger to the hidden dragon, there is no move I can pull out that will aid me in my flight. I am pretty stern and steadfast when discipline needs to be upheld, but those eyes, those pouty lips, that one salty tear that forms at the the corner of those puppy eyes… well… they make it pretty difficult to dig in and hold on.

In fact, as I am writing this, there is an intense stare down going on over the thrown sippy cup, and not sharing. I’ll keep you posted on the progress later.

Cutting through to the core of The Cute is a rather daunting, and sometimes heartbreaking task. It’s one of those “this will hurt me more than it hurts you” kind of situations. Knowing that the tears will fall and my baby girl, that precious baby girl, will cry, probably scream, maybe even flail about like a marlin that has jumped on shore, just breaks my heart. No dad wants to see his little girl crying. Yet, when the time comes, there are those times that we have to stand our ground, and like Tom Petty, we won’t back down. It’s a tough, cruel world that causes a dad to have to go through that. Or… it’s a stubborn, tough as nails, independent, sassy little diva, who just uses her powers to the fullest.

[Update: The stare down has ended. She killed me with a sly shot of kissy face and fluttering eyes. Little Girl: 1 Daddy: 0]

So yeah, as I was saying, it’s not always an easy task. And in some cases, I will completely admit my powerlessness over the situation. When it comes to sharing a Little Debbie cake, or wanting to constantly be held, or sit in my lap, I will give in. No matter how hard I try, I will give in. Then there are those times where I will do the almost impossible, and let the crying commence. The Cute is indeed a powerful weapon, and I have a strong feeling it will always be adapting as the years go by.

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John Taylor

JohnTaylor is the proud dad to two wonderful kids: Little Man(5) and Little Girl(3), and also the honored husband to The Wifey who has been gracious enough to tolerate me for 8 years and counting. This adventure into dadhood started back in 2007. Since then, no turning back. I am along for the ride, and learning every moment of it.

3 thoughts on “Cutting Through the Cute”

  1. It may be one of the most powerful tools known to man kind. The problem is that when The Cute wins, you feel defeated. When you are actually able to do the impossible and defeat The Cute, your daughter ends up crying, so you still feel defeated. It’s a no-win situation. Well written.

  2. Very insightful post, John. I’m lucky that I have the support of my wife to keep our “W”¬†column¬†fuller than either of our daughters. But when the two team up, and I’m on my own…bad news for me.


  3. The force is strong in this one. It’s so hard sometimes, and I will be the first to admit that I am a huge push-over when it comes to Daddy’s Girl. Great post. You gotta show me them toenails, though. That’s hilarious!

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