Daddy Distracted

dis·tract·ed Adjective   /disˈtraktəd/
  • adjective: distraught, confused
  • Unable to concentrate because one’s mind is preoccupied
    • Charlotte seemed too distracted to give him much attention
    • she ran her fingers through her hair in a distracted fashion
  • Troubled or distraught
    • distracted with grief

Well thats the out of the book definition – its something everyone deals with but I think as a father its comes so easily for me.  Yes, I worry about my child 24/7/365 forever but I also juggle with the worry of work, income, food, work life balance, my wife, my family and so on… are you noticing there is a lot to start juggling. It also doesnt help that I’ve kind of made my hobby social media/blogging/all things dads & parents.  I really dont have that break – I’m coming to a point where I’m not sure this “hobby” was ever truly a hobby or a passion and a calling.

I’ve created more projects that anyone should and could juggle. I’ve also been part of projects that have come and gone and ones that are just on the brink, its all part of life. I also feel like I’m missing key events at home and I’m really worry that I’m always distracted.  Thats the kicker – I’m not sure if its the environment or the way I’ve recently started to deal with stress and pressure (by truly to just forget about it) but I am seeing it getting in the way of moving things forward. Worst of all its starting to put me at risk for other issues – I’ll give you the example – did you do your taxes yet? yah not even close – heck I dont even know where my paper work is anymore… mainly because I put everything in one pile in the kitchen with the mail and bills and well my wife cleans up by just picking piles up and trashing them….

So how do you deal with it? what are you doing to manage the juggle?


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