New Year, New Goals

It’s a tradition for many people to make resolutions on New Year’s.  We examine our lives, plan how we’d like to improve ourselves and then go through with it… for a few weeks, that is.  Then our old habits tend to return and the resolutions are forgotten until the next New Year’s when we promise ourselves that this year will be different.

Despite the failure of many people’s resolutions, I still think they’re a good idea in theory.  They just need to be thought of more as goals with plans on attaining these goals.  So here are three of my New Year’s goals for 2011, how I plan on attaining them and, since this is Dad Revolution, how they impact my daddy-quality.

Goal #1: Lose 25 pounds

Last year, I lost 20 pounds in 20 weeks using a “Weight Watchers-esque” plan.  While I was a success in my quest, I’ve since gained the weight back plus a few more pounds.  I want to lose this weight.  When I lost the weight, I found that I had more energy and could keep up with the kids better.  Obviously, this meant I could interact with them more without having to sit out their games.  I was also happier and a happy TechyDad is a calmer TechyDad.  Speaking of calmer…

Goal #2: Eat Healthier

This might seem to be the same as above, but it’s only partially related.  I’ve been guilty recently of reaching for frozen pizza bites and other less-than-healthy meals for the boys to eat for dinner.  In 2011, I want to make more fresh meals for them and introduce more vegetables in their diets.  (Especially JSL who would eat Macaroni and Cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we allowed it.)  This will be an uphill battle, as JSL rejects anything not on a short list of approved meals.  A list that he will change on a whim.  However, eating healthier would make for a healthier mom, dad and kids.

Goal #3: Work With My Boys More

We’ve found that NHL is wanting to learn more than he is being taught in school.  This year, I want to work with him more on various topics.  I’ll spend more time teaching him math, watching Mythbusters (for the science content, though the explosions are nice too), teaching him how to use a camera (my old point and shoot with the broken flash will be loaned to him for supervised use) and performing scientific experiments together.  With JSL, I plan on spending more time singing songs with him, making up games together and just plain having fun.

I already cut myself off from social media and work on Saturdays as a combination religious observance and a time for family.  I want to extend this to other days during the week.  No, I don’t mean I’m going to unplug during the other 6 days, but I’ll set aside more time to spend with my boys.

So, what are your goals for the new year?  How do you plan on improving in 2011?

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