Taking a moment to smell the roses

One thing that you come to realize as a parent is that you’re always pressed for time. No matter the age of your child, there just isnt enough time in the day to do it all. While I was standing there changing my son’s dirty diaper last night (which was terrible smelling!) I thought when was the last me time?! I love my wife and I try to be a good husband by offering her as much alone time as possible, she needs time to plan outfits go shopping, a little perk here and there of getting her nails done. It just hit me that it had been weeks (maybe months) since I had a boys night out.Ā 

Staying home and watching some TV or getting 5 minutes on the computer isnt time to relax, isnt time to process, its just filler time – white noise so to speak. I enjoy a few tv shows but the fact thats what I consider my time is really kind of sad. I love being with my son but I also love that I have friends, live in an amazing place where there is so much to do or see! I havent been to a gallery or art show in years (used to be monthly for me).

I approached my wife to this idea that we need a new schedule (because really if it wasn’t for our calendar – I’m pretty sure we would have forgotten the kid at home by now šŸ˜› [I kid, I kid]) I proposed that we make a weekly date night and that two nights a week we dedicate to our personal nights one for her and one for me. Do with them what you will – hang with friends, go to that happy hour with co-workers, get something done with no hassles and no deadlines of being home. This is also really important since its the holiday season and if my wife wants any type of a surprise gift – I need the time to find and surprise her with it!

So remember taking time to smell the roses is time for a mental holiday (even just for a few hours) but if nothing more might return the favor of a surprise gift šŸ™‚ and dont we all want that!

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