Teaching Giving

As a man and father you have a responsibility to your children. Well alright you have many responsibilities but one that can easily be overlooked is the responsibility of giving back and teaching your kids to do the same. There are many ways both large and small to give back but I believe that it’s important to find a cause that is important to you and get involved. I believe in giving 10% to charity or tithing and that is plenty for some folks but then your children never really experience what it means to give or give back.

Every year around this time one of the way’s we teach our children to give back is by having them choose a few toy’s of there own to give to children who don’t have toys. I love doing this because it really helps our children understand that there are people who need help and there are people who are always willing to give it. I teach them that they need to always be willing to give help no matter what situation they find themselves in.

Over the years I have participated in various charities, helping out but this past year I joined the board of a newly formed non-profit. It has been one of the best things I have done. The non-profit is called Let’s Cure CP and we are focused on funding research that is trying to cure CP. For those readers that don’t already know my oldest daughter has Cerebral Palsy. She is highly functioning and these treatments and therapies may help her but I got involved because they promise to help children who have CP and are trapped inside a body that they can not control. I won’t use this as a platform to ask for donations but I will ask you to join our Facebook page and go to our web site LetsCureCP.org to learn more. I talk to my children about my involvement in this too so they understand that we can help and build organizations that are dedicated to changing the world. To make the world better for everyone.

Happy Holidays and remember to give back this season and every season after all its easier than every.

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What do you do to teach your children about giving?

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