Play Dates and Dads

I have done a lot of dating lately and my wife is starting to get jealous. Some of it has been with her but mostly it is the boys and I heading out to spend some time with other kids and their parents. Coffee shops, the zoo, parks, when it isn’t raining, and living rooms have taken the place of movies, happy hours, and candle light dinners. The kids get to play with new toys and get some creative play in with different kids and I get to enjoy a cup of coffee and some conversation that runs a little more intellectual than poopy, num nums, and time out.

It’s funny how the best play dates are with kids that my kids get along with more than with parents that I get a long with. I can hang out and talk with any parent as long as the kids are getting along and playing well together but if they aren’t happy then ain’t no one happy. Instead of cruising the bars we are now trolling the parks looking for numbers. The pick up lines have changed but the game is still the same. It’s a numbers racket, where you get as many phone numbers as you can hoping to find that connection where the first date goes well and leads to a second and thrid date.

I was never too good at the bar scene but I am a regular Don Juan of play dates. Today we hit the jackpot of play dates where the kids get along, the new toy quota is strong to quite strong, and the conversation is great. I think there might even be a good night kiss at the door the way this thing is going, I’m getting nervous all ready.

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