Is the Revolution just another form of Evolution

This week I’m sitting in my parents-in-law home in Texas trying to watch how much BBQ I eat, my manners, and really trying to watch the GDs, Fbombs, and all the other cursing that comes bonded in my DNA as a true New Yorker. Last week I was in Salt Lake City/Park City Utah for the Evolution of Women in Social Media Conference.  It was called EVO, I spoke on a panel of other dad bloggers being @BenSpark, @telling_dad, @dadventourus (myself @dada_rocks being the fourth).

The panel was well received, which was surprising because we werent talking about being a woman or how to empower other women, we basicly laided out the princles of how the dad bloggers are doing things differently then the mom bloggers – I dont see it as much as different as we’re doing it as a 2.0 movement watching what the leaders of the mom community have done and replicating those movements along with the dash of humo and what other mom bloggers use here and there.  Its not like we’re rewriting rules I made a joke how the biggest difference between the sexes of parent bloggers is really we pee standing up, but ofcourse there are those late nights when you dont want to turn on the lights… and well sure we may squat a time or two too.

I’ve always considered myself a true believer in women’s rights ever since I worked at Catalyst [] I meet some many amazing women (some men some of who being fortune 500 CEOs) . The movement is clearly still there, and the EVO conference which this was the first one was so cleanly put together it felt like it had been running for years.

The women I had meet were incredible inspirations, second to my wife (sorry if I dont put that in there I’m not getting feed for a month). The discussion points ranged for the unique difference of how men behave and laser target after something while women become all emotional and sometimes can put a value on the work they do.  Clearly this isnt something I believe in… coming from new york city you meet plenty of women – sure some are quite and shy but others are shouting from the rooftops hell raisers (basically its the Type A personality) and that’s for men too.  I keep harping on this point that we’re not truly different – although personalities can range from the Type A to the wallflowers thats the key difference.

As I start to finalize a vision for my blogging persona its clear that while the concept of dads is key and should be embraced we’re also writting to and for the women/moms whos husband/dad wont open up.  I’m not the best communicator with my wife and she isnt the best communicator with me (thats ok) but its something I hope to improve with over time.

For now I’m just trying to mind my manners, keep making the good impression on my in-laws and keep my head above water.

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