Reasons why moms hate to admit they love GPS systems like TeleNav

I’m convinced in life that women hate admitting when technology actually serves men really well… take directions/navigation/driving into this formula for a second.  Do you think women are happy that dads now use GPS –  I think not… dont get me wrong, my wife loves that she has a GPS like TeleNav but I’m pretty sure she’s upset that I use it too.

Why? you might ask — I think many women really loved the fact that at some point along the travel route, when we as guys got lost they’ve be able to force our hands tell us we’re wrong and make us stop and ask for directions. And even when they’re wrong and dont have a clue where they’re driving they still make us get out to ask for directions.

Sure – sometimes I think having a GPS like TeleNav takes all the fun out of driving and trying to figure out how to get there… but then again not getting lost is key to me – plus it saves me from hearing my wife nag about how I got us lost or we didnt make it there in time.

My wife really didnt love our “box” GPS system cause it knew the route by didn’t know the traffic conditions or if a location – say a restaurant closed but with TeleNav AT&T Navigator she loves that its giving her almost real time traffic delays and can plan to re-route around it.

Her only major issue is when I used TeleNav to find the cheaper gas and made her drive a couple of miles out of the way to save 30 cents a gallon… yah yah I drove out of the way to save money – didnt I burn gas doing that… yes and no because TeleNav re-routed us after that it actually worked out better.

Yup I think this whole stopping to ask directions things boiled down to women knowing they could pressure men to pull over and ask for directions — now those days are gone – welcome the days of the GPS system… where hopefully you’re maps are updated like mine are with TeleNav so you dont get lost following directions to a place that closed a year ago. Cause thats a fight I dont want to be part of — cause it’ll end up being your fault no matter what.


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