Do as I say not as I do

How are we teaching out kids these days? Usually the answer is by example… well thats not so easy as I personally think kids in our generation (of being parents) are getting smarter.  I also think that the doors and walls are getting thinner and we’re getting louder.  So think about this next time you’re fighting with your spouse where are the kids? What are they hearing? and most importantly, would I want my kids to fight this way — hows this for thought knowing that with each generation they take things to the next level — how would that fight that your kids are starting to think are ok will be going on when they’ll adults.

Really for me its hard to juggle the balance of where and what I should do… so lately I just do the work, keep my mouth shut and hope that tomorrow is a little better…

I really try to teach my child by example – showing him how to do things and hoping he’ll repeat it in a similar fashion – being the father of a toddler that usually isnt too hard to ask for… but then I get to these moments were I really dont want him copy my actions – I’ll use what I drink as an example – I once in a while have a soda/pop/cola its in my DNA I love a good cold soda… I really dont want to raise my son on those types of drinks for many reasons…

What are a few of the things you do, that you dont want your kids to do? how do you curb that behavior but still try not to curb your own? is there such a thing as having your cake and eating it too?

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