Daddy Is a Hero

I’m not a hero. A hero regularly does spectacular things that others cannot do. I’ve never done anything spectacular. I’ve never found a cure for a disease. I’ve never saved someone from danger. I’ve never invented an everyday necessity. I’ve never done anything that has elevated me to the status of hero. I do the same ordinary things that a million other people do every day of their lives.

But Daddy, on the other hand, he’s a hero. Daddy does hundreds of spectacular things every day of his life. Ask Daddy’s kids what they think of Daddy, and they reply with enthusiasm, “Daddy doing!” Yes, Daddy, he’s a hero. He does lots of spectacular things.

Daddy shaves the hair off his face with a sharp razor, and he wipes the cream off with a towel when he’s done. Daddy puts deodorant on his armpits, and he brushes his teeth.

Daddy puts on his own shoes and ties his laces. He wears beanies and baseball caps and jackets and glasses and a watch. He walks up and down stairs without holding the handrail and he unlocks doors. He vacuums the carpet and swiffers the hardwood.

Daddy scrambles eggs and pours milk in sippy cups. He puts empty cartons into the recycling. He peels apples and pears and steams carrots and microwaves meatballs. He wipes the counter and puts dishes in the dishwasher. He takes the trash downstairs.

Daddy talks on the phone and sends texts and checks email and uses the computer. He takes photographs and videos. He kicks a soccer ball in the yard and opens the gate and walks up the front steps. He empties the outside toy bin onto the lawn.

Daddy raises the blinds and dusts the coffee table and rocks in the rocking chair. He turns the TV on and he plays the guitar. He gets the toys off the top shelf and he draws circles with the crayons on the paper.

Daddy rolls the play-do into snakes and circles and balls and snowmen. He turns the lights on and off. He flushes the toilet and stands up when he pees. He reads books without pictures and he writes with a pen. He puts dirty clothes in the hamper and clean clothes in the dryer. He folds the laundry.

Daddy drives a car and turns on the radio and buckles up all the seatbelts. He goes grocery shopping and he drinks out of a cup without a lid. He uses a big fork and a sharp knife. He drinks beer and “apple juice.”

Daddy does all these things any many more. Daddy’s kids cannot do these things. Looking at all the spectacular things that Daddy can do it is clear that Daddy is a hero. Perhaps someday I will be a hero like Daddy.

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