What Was My Post About Again?

A few days ago, I was walking into work and thinking about blog post topics.  I suddenly thought of a great topic.  I mulled using it for my Tuesday post, but decided instead to use it for my upcoming Dad Revolution post.  There’s one small thing standing between you and reading this fantastic post, though.  My memory.

You see, in the handful of days between Monday and today (Thursday since this post will be scheduled), I’ve forgotten what the topic was.  I can remember that I had a topic idea and that it was great, but that’s it.  Why is my memory like this?  I blame my kids.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my boys.  Just yesterday, NHL came up to me, gave me a great big hug and told me that he loved me and he’d never be too big to hug me.  What was better was that he wasn’t doing it as a tactic to get out of trouble.  I live for those moments.

Still, life was simpler BC (“Before Children”).  If we wanted to have something for dinner, there wasn’t any little finicky palates to worry about.  If we wanted to head out to the store, we didn’t need to worry about bedtimes or potty breaks (beyond our own).  If we wanted to complete a particular task, we did it.

Now, with kids in the mix, our attention is often diverted ten different ways at once.  At our average dinner time alone, I need to prepare the food, keep NHL from beating up on JSL, keep JSL from beating up on NHL, deal with finicky palates as the boys don’t want what I’m making, get the boys seated, remind NHL to sit down (why he insists on standing while eating is beyond me), tell JSL not to play with his food, serve my wife dinner, get water for the boys, get myself food, sit down, realize that the boys want seconds before any food touches my lips, get them seconds, fend off “dessert now” cries as the boys are done and I’m taking my first bite, eat my food, get the boys dessert, get them cleaned up, and clean up the dishes.

My brain often feels like it is being pulled in five different directions at once.  So you’ll excuse me for not writing my super-fantastic Dad Revolution post.  Maybe, once this post is published, I will remember the topic.  If I do, I’ll try to write it down otherwise I’m sure to forget it by the time I… [JSL! Don’t stand on the couch! NHL, don’t swing that toy!] Wait. What was I talking about again?

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My name is TechyDad. Alright, my name isn’t really TechyDad, but I’d prefer to keep my true identity hidden. Kind of like Clark Kent except I’m not an intrepid news reporter for the daily planet, but a web developer for a health care organization. Oh and I’m also not an alien that can fly and shoot lasers out of my eyes. I’m married to the most wonderful woman in the world, B and have two wonderful children NHL and JSL. You might know B as the blogger behind TheAngelForever.com. She had been blogging for quite awhile when I decided to give it a go. I’m a self-described nerd who is interested in all things technology, even if monetary realities don’t allow me to buy all the newest cool toys. I’m also a kid at heart. I will happily get down and dirty playing with my kids or sit on the couch with them watching cartoons. One of the perks of fatherhood: you get to play with toys and watch cartoons and pretend it’s for them! I also am an amateur photographer and can easily fill up a memory card or two if given the chance. I like writing about an eclectic mix of topics. One post may be about programming. The next might be about a boy’s day out with my kids. The one after that might be about copyright law and the one following that might be about a new gadget I’d love to get. My blog is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

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