Are you in Social Media or Are you a DAD in Social Media

Over the last few days (maybe weeks) we’ve seen this crash and burn of the daddy blogs. We’ve seen dozens of posts discuss why the Daddy Blogger community isnt (or maybe is) working and how dysfunctional we all are…

I’ve always said that getting to conferences would be hard because my job was social media not Daddy Social Media (sure thats the hope and dream).  There is a lot around this hype of year of the dad blogger and lately many have been trashing the view point. Clearly it is the year of the dad blogger because we’re finally coming into light – I know many dads who have blogged for years. Expect they were never really invited to events or had been working with brands until now.

The other major thing is that there has been an explosion of blogs in this space (more so then in the mommy space).  I think maybe its because the economy has created new work life balances or perhaps we’re becoming more open as guys in general.  I got into being a Dad blogging because I was the first of my friends and my son was on a fast growth pace… so everyone came to us asking what do you use, what did you buy.

Which leads me here today – where the playing field is now being divided between those that label themselves social media and those that label themselves as daddy bloggers or Dads in social media.  Please let me point out clearly there is a difference… Dads usually usually have something on their clothes – a greasy hand print, a little baby spit-up, maybe its just the 3 day old growth because you’re up every 3 hours taking care of the kiddo. Being a guy in social media is usually defined as one who can wear clothes without getting them dirty, ability to social network after the 9-5 job – say a client dinner or a happy hour networking event. The big difference here is money – one is paid while the other one isnt – currently as with many of the startup tiered mommy blog work and compensation is offered in product/swag.  Being professional is defined payment (in cash or credit) but then again I’m pretty professional – you can ask anyone I’ve consulted or offered advice to just because I dont ask for cash in return doesnt mean my knowledge is less valuable (or does it?!).

Other the last few weeks there have been dialogs going on about the future of DadRevolution and actually many other Dad properties and ventures.  It seems for some reason – maybe its the back to school/fall reality setting in… maybe its just that us Dads in Social media see the way to grow it to expend start another blog or 3 😛 whatever the reason I know many other sites are going though the same growing pains.

I know for me I’m a Dad in Social Media and I’m active in Social Media – its my 9-5 but in the end the thing that will get me up and out of bed every morning is my child saying DaDa.

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