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I wasnt really going to write about BlogHer here too since I did a small recap on my personal blog site [Link]. Although I wanted to keep telling the story of how it felt to be at a conference where you’re less then 10% of the total amount of people attending the conference, first its a little weird and awkward.  If you dont think so, thats fair but when you first step into a room filled with women, some of whom you know and most of whom you really dont know you get that little voice in your head saying “Really?! Really?! do you really need to be here?”.

The concept of flight or fight kicks into overdrive once you encounter the least bit of push back of someone questing your intentions at a “women” focus event. While I so happy to connect with all the different men/dads that were at the conference, some of whom you’ll see on DadRevolution in the coming weeks (hopefully) writing guest posts. This wasnt my first conference designed for the opposite sex, clearly some brands knew and recognized the fact that dads/men were going to come (and had different printout/materials/swag for them) some didnt care and really didnt want to focus time on you, which is sad. I understand where they’re coming from for them this is their event to truly connect with the powerhouse that is female social media. Although jokes would have you hear the drum beat in the distance which is that of the social media push of the dad/guys.  M3Summit taking place in Atlanta in a few weeks is just the first of many conferences and its going to set the bar in how men are dealt with in the space of social media. Sure clearly there are guys that are gurus of social media but they arent being marketed to like the moms/women bloggers (yet), some of that is because brands have tried using the traditional pitch… I get it, to rewrite the rule book would be tough stuff but if you really want to effectively market towards men/dads you’re going to need a new playbook.

The days of men being shown as total idiots, the dads who cant change a diaper or have issues getting it together isnt really the case anymore.  Also neither is the case of the dad wearing a cape flying around the city doing 3 jobs, finding time to be an amazing dad, and only drinking and smoking a cigar to relax once everyone is asleep isnt great either (because they’re both unrealistic). Look I’m not about to change my kids diaper and put ducktape around his legs to make sure I get those pesky leaks. I’m also not going to dangle my baby over the rail of a hotel (MJ already tried that)… I’m also not going to forget them! We’re quickly coming at the tipping point for dads in social media, you clearly see the wave that Dad is the new mom is being said by brands (but is that really truly?!) or are we just in a fundamental shift of parenthood and the parenting space.

I know that in the coming months there will be lots of social media conferences, ones aiming directly at the hearts of moms and they’ll be creating tracks/sessions/partner conferences aimed towards guys.  Thats real, thats happening why because brands do want to figure out how to engage men/dads more. They want a better answer then the key difference is we pee standing up (my line from evo) and to be honest after more time in the space I really dont know if there is a fundimental difference other then that – I know men are less likely to try new products – we are very much creatures of habits, so attending blogher totally goes against most of the cells in our body.

I will say this I love going to events and feeling welcomed, there wasnt an hour at blogher where I was introduced or introducing myself and heard so you’re dada rocks! That was truly great to see friends that I’ve only connected to online in real life is great.  Connecting with old friends (who I met at EVO) who live around the country is amazing. Yup this dad does stand out in a crowd and thats fine with me! In the long run we’ll need more conferences that focus on the social media space of both parents.

Because if you really want to understand someone you really need to sit down and start talking to them… trying to use a mold already made for a different cross segment isnt going to fully work.  What do you think?

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