A little whining from the token SAHD

Juggling three kids is not an easy task and I want some respect for it damit. Now this isn’t going to be one of those “nobody respects the stay at home dad” whining sessions but I’m getting a little cranky with the judgements. Last night we were at the library for story time. They have this time where kids can come in their jammies and have a story, sing some songs, and play a game or two. It’s pretty cute really. Since I had had the boys all day, that being my job and all, I left them in the story circle with my wife and went to browse some books. I needed the break and Beautiful needed the time with the boys but the people around the circle gave me the head shake. I heard a “typical man” as I walked out into the stacks and it pissed me off.

I am used to the comments at the checkout stand when I come through with the boys and the checker comments that I must be giving mommy a break. Or when we head to the zoo and the ticket taker says it must be Daddy’s day out with the boys. It’s all part of a lack¬†familiarity with any situation they don’t see on TV but my ability to smile and deflect is wearing down and I am starting to just amuse myself at their expense. I say that mommy left us for a carnie with small hands. We still can’t go back to the circus without so much pain. I told the guy at the Zoo that I wasn’t there of my own free will, they had taken me prisoner and would kill me if we didn’t see the elephants STAT. I once told a checker these weren’t my kids, I was trying to get the family discount and that lead to an awkward conversation with security so we don’t use that line anymore.

It’s sad really that me taking a break from being the primary care taker for the boys makes me look like every other dad at the library. Either they aren’t there at all, or they are sitting with a magazine waiting for the play time to end. I know that the fault lies mostly with the dads that make up the rule but for one of the exceptions it’s getting a little old.

Portland Dad writes over at Stay At Home Dad PDX about raising two boys as a stay at home dad. You can also find him on twitter as Portlanddad.

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