The first words of a child

One things thats been on my mind lately has been my child’s first words – Marc is now 22 months old and is really spilling the words out of his mouth. At the start of all this it was baby co’s and ca’s that later formed da.  It was Da for a while (although now without having these things written down or really video recorded the wifey is claiming it was Ma). Later that turned from Da to DaDa which is some of the base of the name DaDa Rocks.

Milestones like these are incredible. I’m so happy to have shared and to have been a part of this amazing journey with Marc. Today you can point to colors and he’ll with 80% accuracy say the right color (still has little slip up with tints/shades and with orange) but otherwise he’s solid.  We’ve started working on objects with the help of toys, some media (website) and some really cool ipad/ipod apps that does baby flash cards. It’s very impressive if I do say so myself.  Sure every parent thinks their kid is the next Einstein (wouldn’t that be nice) but I’m not one of those dads… I’ll push my child beyond his comfort zone so he can have successes that he wouldn’t think would be there for him. Its that gentle hand to the back pushing the baby bird out of the nest right?

While at EvoConference Marc was a huge hit – he’s totally cute and could melt anyone’s heart (expect for the person sitting in from of him on a plane and maybe that women who he tossed food at [thats why you get for making funny faces at a toddler who’s eating!]). Over the last 3 weeks he’s gotten the hang of saying DaDa Rocks (its now super clear), and he’s even got MaMa Rocks and Baby Rocks down solid.

Overall I’m amazed that he knows what he’s saying and what we’re saying to him – its not like we every sat there and said what the bed was but he know when we say its time for bed – he’s already walking to a bed (maybe not his own but still knows were our bed is).

I wish I could true express how excited I am that I’m now able to talk with my son and soon we’ll be able to have conversations. What do you look forward to? what conversation do you want to have with your children? What was your child’s first words?

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