I want my kid to be batman, ok how about just to like batman

I love having a little boy, sometimes I forget the fact he’s still a baby in a lot of ways… The term is toddler and that means he’s totally into Elmo, Mickey Mouse, and  Yo Gabba Gabba but that doesnt really work well with the cartoons I wouldnt mind watching…

Yes, I’m a grown man and I like to watch cartoons – what you’re going to make a big deal about it?!

My wifey hates the fact I still like watching a good cartoon here and there – Ben 10 and Batman are the ones currently getting recorded on the DVR.  I wish my kid would like batman first its a great excuse to the wifey that the kiddo is really the one watching it but more so then I can enjoy the show too.  Its all about spending time with the kid right?

To that point I’m soooo ready for my little toddler to become a little boy – ready to do the trip to six flags for him to be into all the comic book stuff that I’ve worked hard to collect as a teenager and ready to pass down a great (and underrated) art form.

I want to hear all the ideas and concepts of the super hero he creates and imagines being.

In the time being I’ll enjoy taking him to the playgrounds hearing him talk about Muno, Plex, and Brobee in the toddler language that only a few people understand. Give him baths and just enjoy him being a baby because I do see that he’s growing up too fast!

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